Artmania is a mobile Art & Craft provider, delivering their unique services direct into your venue.

That includes your Club, School or Nursery.

We feature on most local authority authorised supplier lists and we also work closely with Parent Council groups, working with their local budget to deliver Crafty visits and events, not just at Christmas, Easter and End of Term, which are always very busy, but throughout the whole year.

We will deliver to groups of ten per booked Craft Leader, upward to whole class/group activities, or deliver to a group of ten, reaching the whole class/group via a block of visits.

We offer a range of other fun visits including Mascot and Character visits, facepainting, mobile softplay for Nurseries, Circus & Magic Skills, Owl and Exotic Animal visits

Please note, no photographs inside Clubs, Schools or Nurseries are taken by our company nor are any published on our website.
Images shown are at public venues with parental consent to illustrate a typical set up.

Minimania 2

ceramic 2

Creeper Mosaic

Minion Collage

Monsters Inc

Mike Craft promo pic

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